Jacqueline Patterson


Patterson headshot


Language Arts

College(s) Attended & Degree(s) 

University of Colorado Boulder – Degrees: Anthropology, English Literature

Metropolitan State University of Denver – Certification in social work with an emphasis on behavioral and mental health disorders in adolescents and teens, Teaching Licensure

Where are you from? How long have you lived in Denver? 

Denver! I have lived in Denver for 35 years.

What were you like as a student? 

I HATED to speak in front of anyone due to an anxiety disorder, but I LOVED to talk to the students sitting next to me, so I was constantly “relocated” to groups until I stopped talking. 

Also, I loved to learn, so I could engage in anything as long as I could extend the knowledge beyond the classroom, but in real time. 

What are your secret talents and/or hobbies? 

I have A LOT of hobbies, but I love to listen to musicals, so you may not know that about me. 

I am in a FB group called 5280 Rocks, and you basically paint rocks of encouragement and hope and place them in the community for others to find and post about! I created a zombie horde of 12 zombie rocks ( i can post pictures, lol), and I have collected rocks for my next series of Hippos!!

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the MCT family?

The community that I serve and get to call home.

What is your favorite thing about your work?

connecting to my students and letting them be themselves while they grow as learners right in front of my eyes-it’s a beautiful experience as a teacher to witness the spark! in a student’s eyes.