About Our School

Students in front of school sitting around the sign

Finish high school while feeling welcomed, confident, independent, and supported

Montbello Career and Technical High School (MCT for short) prepares students for acquiring strong paying, in demand, highly skilled careers upon high school graduation through career and technical education programs, tuition-free college credit, online courses, and internship opportunities. 

MCT is a 9th to 12th grade high school serving students ages 15 to 20 who have accrued credits towards graduation. MCT offers students the opportunity to catch up on missed credits, while also providing a variety of different pathways programs – including automotive and technology – that give students an advantage in the workforce after graduating.

Our small school population means that our students receive personalized attention from teachers and develop strong connections with other students. The MCT community is supportive, dedicated, and fun!

Montbello Career and Technical High School offers:

Hear From Our Students

“I like this school, that motivates me to come. The small classes help and the teachers are pretty cool, they treat you like you’re a young adult, and make you feel like you have a responsibility to come to class. At other schools, teachers wouldn’t even notice if I wasn’t there. I would just show up, they wouldn’t notice or say anything. Here they ask you, ‘how have you been,’ ‘why didn’t you come yesterday?’ They care.”

Hector B.

“I like the small amount of students here. I came from a really big school and I didn’t like it as much. I feel like I actually enjoy the classes I am in. You can just be yourself.”

Nayeli V.

“All the programs here give us more opportunity to start our career. These give you a taste of what you’ll be looking at in the future, giving you examples of what things will actually be like. Like in Tech class, you’re learning how to be independent on the internet, stop scams, make documents/presentations.”

Taniah B.

“The teachers here make you feel welcomed and I get treated like an adult. The friendships I’ve made here have kept me here – this is the school I will graduate from. ”

Kenia M.

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